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Children Aged 5-11 Can Get Pfizer’s Vaccine Very Soon

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Children aged 5-11 are almost in the clear to get the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The leading producer of COVID-19 vaccines recently announced that in Phase 2/3 trials, their vaccine was safe and effective in the age group above. These trials have not been peer-reviewed just yet, but Pfizer is moving ahead regardless and is expected to request emergency use authorization from the FDA very soon.

This news is very monumental in the current situation, regarding the slowdown of COVID-19 vaccinations across the United States. In recent months, the number of new vaccinations has been steadily decreasing, despite numerous examples of how the vaccine is safe and effective and the reassurances of local, state, and federal officials, along with almost all of the health industry. This has led many health experts and government officials to become increasingly worried about the future of the pandemic in the US and possibly abroad.

All of this came to a climax when President Biden issued a vaccine mandate on 9/10/2021. The mandate called for all businesses with 100+ employees to either require employees to show proof of vaccination or to have them tested weekly for COVID-19. The other part of the mandate requires that all federal workers and all contractors who work with the federal government must have proof of vaccination. Since these rules have only recently been put in place, we must wait and see if they will jump start vaccination rates.

However, the situation will definitely be helped if the FDA approves Pfizer’s request soon. Pfizer’s vaccine tends to be considered the safest and most effective in the public eye, so having it authorized for usage in children aged 5-11 would be a crucial step towards ending the pandemic and saving lives. Also, the Pfizer vaccine has been a trendsetter in vaccination milestones, as once it gets authorized for use in certain groups of people, the other main vaccines, such as the Moderna or J&J vaccine, follow suit.

Altogether, it looks like we are starting to make more progress against COVID-19 again. Even though it is a long road ahead, the resounding news that Pfizer vaccines can likely go out to children aged 5-11 is itself a good reason for us to keep pulling through. This pandemic has brought hard times for millions of Americans and it is on all of us to make sure that these times don’t last any longer than they have to.


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