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Despite Controversy, Australia’s Plan to Pay People to Leave Abusive Relationships will be Helpful

Yearly, more than 10 million people worldwide experience some form of domestic violence. In Australia, this affects 1 in 6 women and 1 in 16 men. As part of an effort to combat these alarming numbers, the Australian government recently announced that they would be offering more money apart from current payments to help encourage people to leave homes with abusive relationships. Starting on October 19, 2021, domestic violence victims can get paid 5000 Australian dollars, or $3,700 USD, to put towards expenses such as education, child support, and other needs.

Interestingly enough, many people in Australia don’t think this is the best solution, arguing that victims of abuse shouldn’t have to leave their homes or that this plan does not promote needed research on why domestic violence happens in the first place and how to combat it. Victims are also often perpetuated as something negative, and may even be threatened by their abusers, so much so that their children may be taken away. In addition, other plans similar to this have been attempted before, such as surveys conducted, but haven’t worked based on the results, further increasing speculation about the plan.

Despite all criticism, this will ultimately be a beneficial plan for people, as it will set important precedent for other countries if effective, which will in turn help even more domestic violence victims. It is important for victims to get the justice they deserve, and if there is even a chance that this plan can help achieve this in some way, then it is worth a shot and the resources that come with it.

Additionally, while this may not address the root of domestic violence, this new offering will help spread awareness to people living in abusive households or situations by encouraging them to get out of unhealthy situations, and promote the idea that people can always reach out for help, and that they are being heard.

While this plan doesn’t solve domestic violence 100%, it sends an important message, and advocates for the victims. The government cares for its people, and is on their side, and this is beneficial for the people. It shows that they have a support system, and that they can walk away from bad situations. Australia plans to pay people to leave abusive relationships; this is a good thing.


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