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NRA Faces Criticism Over the Uvalde School Shooting in Texas

The small community of Uvalde is in shock as they try to come to terms with the shooting that occurred in Robb Elementary school on Tuesday, 24th of May, which killed many loved ones. Nineteen students and two adults were killed, and 17 others were injured. Salvador Ramos, the gunman, was killed by a law enforcement officer.

Following this was an annual meeting held by the NRA [National Rifle Association] on the 27th through to the 29th of May in Houston. This did not sit well with many people who felt that holding the convention was insensitive. The National Rifle Association is a group based in the United States that is involved with the advocacy of gun rights and spreading of awareness to others through magazines and various platforms. The organization also teaches firearm safety, sponsors marksmanship events, and is a well-known gun rights lobbying group. It was formed in 1871 by two U.S war veterans to encourage rifle shooting and marksmanship and now boasts more than 5 million members.

Some calls had been made to the NRA to cancel their convention, which was to be headlined by former U.S President Donald Trump. At least four musicians called off performances set to take place at the convention, but it was still held.

The NRA stated that the attendees of the convention would ‘’reflect on’’ the shooting and that they would all pray for the victims and their families. During the convention, about 500 protesters had gathered outside, holding signs and photos of the victims of the shooting. They called for a change in the gun laws and made slogans like ‘’ "NRA go away’’ or "‘’It could be your kids someday’’. The protesters also took to social media, using various hashtags.

Many members of the NRA attended the convention, which was dominated by debates over gun control.Some believed there should be restrictions, especially after the recent shooting. In contrast, others felt that the shooting is precisely why the gun laws should remain the same, claiming firearms would make people feel safer.

For example, Sen. Ted Cruz stated "We must not react to evil and tragedy by abandoning the Constitution or infringing on the rights of our law-abiding citizens’’, saying that changing the gun laws or adding restrictions would not be fair to those who use their firearms lawfully and for protection.

Former President Donald Trump feels that the problem of gun violence stems from the high level of people with bad mental health, and he stated that trying to find help for these people would be a better option than more firearms restrictions.

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s group executive, said that adding additional gun restrictions would infringe on the fundamental human rights of other law-abiding Americans.

Some critics say that the NRA is lobbying Republicans and turning deaf ears to pleas for increased gun control. One Democrat stated that the NRA members care more about the organization than gun violence. Others think that the NRA is disconnected from the grief of the family of victims.

The Uvalde shooting in Texas is just one amidst other gun attacks over the years. The NRA is one of the most powerful interest lobby groups, and they significantly influence gun policies in the U.S. According to critics, the fate and continuity of gun violence are in their hands.


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