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Opinion: Trump is Alone

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Those who actively read my publications know that I write a great deal about how Donald Trump is a threat to the Republican party and conservatism. I write about how Trump’s loyalism in the GOP hurts the policies conservatives stand for and undermines their principles. Trump has always been a test on whether the GOP can survive. Today, however, his shocking behavior towards the riots acted as a test on whether the United States as a whole can withstand a threat.

Citizens of third world countries fighting authoritarianism, anarchy, and the breaching of law and order know what is happening in the U.S. today. It is unfortunate that the United States of America — the glimmer of hope for such countries — has undergone such a dark period since Nov. 7 when a rogue president decided to set aside the country and focus on fraudulent election conspiracy theories. Since that day, the U.S. has continued to become increasingly divided. Tens of millions of Americans believe the 2020 election results were unjust. Others have faith in the legitimacy of President-Elect Joe Biden’s fair and verified victory in November.

This time, however, we begin moving in the other direction. Across the nation, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike have reached the same conclusion: that these protests are unamerican, unpatriotic, and a threat to the sanctity of democracy and justice.

This was the last straw for the GOP

As stated previously, the Trump era was a test on what the GOP could withstand. Throughout the Trump administration, Republicans have defended the President during even his most controversial moments. Contrarily, the events of Jan. 6 were the last straw for the GOP.

Loyalty is an important factor in Trump’s opinion of people; hence, it was not very shocking that the President’s remarks on these events were half-hearted at most, igniting and aggravating at the least. In a Tweet (which has since been suspended), Trump conveyed to the protesters, “We love you,” and that “this was a stolen election.”

In response, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were quick to suspend Trump’s social media accounts for the time being. That is not something that the President of the United States should have to experience; their remarks should never need censorship because they incite violence. The country needed a leader, and, like every time, Trump tried to divide the country even more.

However, this time, there is a joker in the deck. The Republicans — overwhelmingly loyal to the president in the past — were not in the mood to adhere to Trump after the horrifying acts of domestic terror that occurred earlier today. Republicans of all backgrounds and all opinions were quick to condemn the Capitol mobs, as well as the president’s response.

These Republicans included politicians that have stood by the incumbent administration through thick and thin, including Former Governor Chris Christie (R – N.J.) and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R – Calif.), one of the House Republicans planning to object to President-Elect Biden’s victory during the joint session of Congress.

Even Vice President Mike Pence, who has been a fierce ally of President Trump throughout his tenure as Vice President differed from the President in his response to the riots. Unlike Trump, Pence sternly condemned the violence. In fact, it was Pence who gave the order to deploy the national guard, not Trump. The president’s reaction to this is unknown.

Pence and Trump have lately had a contentious relationship in light of the latter’s persistence in his shameless efforts to overturn the will of the people. Additionally, there is talk in the House Judiciary Committee about the Vice President and the Cabinet invoking the 25th amendment, which would remove Trump from office on accounts of incompetency.

When Mike Pence and the most loyal of Trump’s supporters go against him, there must be an alarm going off in the President’s mind. The last standing GOP Trump loyalists now prepare to move on. They know what damage the president has done and what he is capable of doing. As the American people continue to come together in light of these unprecedented and despicable events, they make it clear that President Trump is joining them.


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