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Welcome to Lenses!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Lenses is launching Saturday, July 4th!

Our Mission

Lenses is a 100% teen-organized news platform that provides teenagers with the chance to share their thoughts and beliefs about the headlines that we see on a daily basis. Our community aims to get teenagers’ ideas on ‘adult issues’ and provide accessible and simplified news to our readers, who may not always have the chance to stay up to date with the daily news.

Lenses intends to highlight the fact that though we all have different perspectives and ‘lenses’ when it comes to various issues, each of our beliefs matter and are worth sharing with the community. Through a combination of long and short form articles, as well as short descriptions of important daily news on our social media, we intend to help all teenagers stay informed about the world around them and learn about what other Gen-Z members think when it comes to each of these issues.


On any given day there are so many issues that our generation is getting involved in. Whether movements for climate justice, thoughts on elections, fights on racial inequality, gun violence, education policy and everything in between, our generation is blessed to live in an era of information. Thanks to the powers of social media and the internet, we receive more information than any previous generation about current events. This means that we have formed an important voice in our activism, with views ranging across the political spectrum. Our founders noticed this in debates among friends, where passionate views became the basis of conversation, protest and desires for change. However, we realized how our views are limited to those around us, be it in a group chat or a speech to school. Lenses aims to distill these views in the form of opinion writing, in order to realize the voice of Gen-Z in a better manner than an Instagram trend.

Who we are

We intend to be 100% teen-organized, with our staff being experienced student leaders and journalists. You can visit our team page for more information on their backgrounds. While based in the DC Area, Lenses strives to be a platform for all teens and young people in high school and college. Aside from staff writers, we also welcome guest contributions at any time. Our goal is to not limit the teenage voice but to share and spread it. If you would like to share an opinion feel free to (email or form here). We also accept applications to serve as a staff writer on a rolling basis. You can fill out the following form if you are interested in joining our team! Lenses can help develop your skills as a student leader, writer and activist helping you gain essential skills of communication and collaboration. Staff writers will be tasked with writing both opinion and news pieces on issues of interest and importance. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Social Media

We are a generation of social media addicts. Our articles and posts will also be shared on social media platforms including our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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